Revive Soils


Reviving soils is the dirtiest underground movement in the world right now: it is reconnecting people to their food, to their health and to the climate in remarkable and inspiring ways. Our soils sustain eighty percent of all life on land and yet through industrial practices and chemical use, we have turned them into lifeless dirt. This has come at great cost to farmer wellbeing, to population health, to waterways, to the climate and to biodiversity. This action area is for the soil saviours who are ready to get their hands dirty and join the underground movement. 

These action areas are large, complex and interconnected. There are a number of key collective responses required to help shift the status quo. We have curated a list of those responses for you to explore linked to regenerative actions that you can take.

The list below is not yet comprehensive and the following are coming soon:

  • Build soil health everywhere 
  • Use the market to revive soils 
  • Reconnect food growers to consumers and communities 
  • Transition industrial agriculture to regenerative agriculture 

Collective responses

Woman on land

Create a regenerative and secure food future

This response highlights the various ways we can put healthy, locally grown produce at the heart of our food system once again.

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