Cultivate a regenerative culture

Bring regeneration into the classroom

Invite your students to explore regeneration and ignite their imagination around what a positive and regenerative future could look like.

A cultural evolution that reconnects us to the living world is a crucial component of regeneration and is essential to reversing the multiple ecological crisis’ we are facing. This cultural evolution can begin in our schools and in our families. How we talk to our children about nature will determine the value and meaning they place on it as they grow. We have partnered with curriculum experts to build a package of free lessons that explore regeneration and invite teachers and students to ignite their imagination and dream up what a positive and regenerative future could look like.

“If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.” – Confuscious

Rachel's Farm

Rachel’s Farm offers an exciting opportunity to engage students in learning about solutions to climate change, the importance of biodiversity, soil health, regenerative agriculture, farming, health and our food system - and the links between them all!

We have worked with curriculum experts to map the film’s messages to the Australian curriculum and create free educational materials that can be used in a variety of settings from secondary school through to agricultural colleges, TAFEs, and community education settings. Complementing these resources, is's comprehensive suite of 11 lessons about regenerative farming for secondary school which include supporting clips from Rachel's Farm, and 10 lessons about soil health for primary. In addition, we have collated an extensive list of learning resources for farmers to explore.

Regenerating Australia

The supporting curriculum for “Regenerating Australia” (17mins) is for Upper Primary and Secondary year levels and has been designed to empower and inspire students to dive deep into the key themes covered in the film. “Tuning into the film” guides for Years 5-10 are available and support students’ viewing of the film. All lessons are mapped to the Australian curriculum.


The Regenerating Australia education resources are further complemented by the 2040 package of lessons. These 30+ lesson plans are learning recipes for teachers that utilise short clips from the film 2040 to support classroom learning, providing step-by-step instructions, student workshops and engaging content. The film covers topics such as marine permaculture, energy, agriculture, transport and educating girls.

Bringing regeneration into the classroom is part of a larger collective response. Learn more and find other actions that cultivate a Regenerative Culture

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