Wild our towns and cities


This action area is for those who want to go wild in the city. Rooftops become food gardens, parks become urban forests, and abandoned car parks and degraded spaces regenerate into thriving inner-city ecosystems. Concrete makes way for natural abundance, cooling the temperature and soothing the spirit.

These action areas are large, complex and interconnected. There are a number of key collective responses required to help shift the status quo. We have curated a list of those responses for you to explore linked to regenerative actions that you can take.

The list below is not yet comprehensive and the following are coming soon:

  • Cool our towns and cities 
  • Build with natural and recycled materials 
  • Adopt regenerative design and architecture 
  • Prioritise regeneration in our planning, zoning and built environment 

Collective responses

RA cities

Bring nature into our living spaces

This response looks at how increasing nature in urban spaces benefits human stress levels, reduces pollution and lowers temperatures.

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