Regenerating Australia is a film and accompanying impact campaign seeking to accelerate the transition to a regenerative future.


Regenerating Australia is a 17-minute short film based on a four-month interview process with a diverse group of Australians who shared their hopes and dreams for the country's future.

Set on New Year's Eve of December 2029, a news anchor is ending the nightly bulletin with a look back at the decade 'that could be’; a decade that saw Australia transition to a fairer, cleaner, more community focused economy. The film is a construction of news reports and press conferences featuring high profile journalists, politicians, business leaders and citizens such as Kerry O'Brien, Sandra Sully, Gorgi Coghlan, Patrick Abboud, Larissa Behrendt and David Pocock.

Regenerating Australia launched in March 2022 with a national tour of ‘special event’ cinema screenings across Australia. You can now see the film in so many ways.

This is a new story for our nation: a story of empowerment. A story of solutions. A story of regeneration.

Impact campaign

More than just a film, Regenerating Australia is the entry point to a multi-platform impact campaign seeking to accelerate the transition to a regenerative economy that values Australia’s greatest assets - First Nations' wisdom, our unique natural environment and our sense of community.

Distributed film screenings, support workshops and bootcamps will connect and support communities and innovators who are inspired by the film to begin or grow their own regenerative solution.

Innovate to Regenerate

WWF-Australia’s ‘Innovate to Regenerate’ challenge is inviting local communities and experts to establish regenerative projects and bring to life a solution that they see in the film.

This exciting program is providing $2 million in seed funding and WWF-Australia will collaborate with investors and donors to help the best ideas get off the ground. The selected projects will have access to subject matter experts, the $2 million ‘solutions fund’ and impact investors looking to scale up projects that deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to communities around Australia.

Together we will support Australians to discover creative solutions to our current crisis from the ground up by promoting the regeneration of the entire country.

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Damon Gameau

Writer / Director

Anna Kaplan

Anna Kaplan


Reese Proudfoot

Reece Proudfoot

Head of Innovation and Impact Investment, WWF Australia

Carli Leimbach

Carlie Leimbach

Innovation Program Lead, WWF Australia

Anna Charalambous

Anna Charalambous

Associate Producer & Impact Manager

Ann Chesterman

Ann Chesterman

Head Digital


Kim Ingles

Development Researcher

Emma Darling

Emma Darling

Production Assistant


  • Kerry O'Brien
  • Damon Gameau
  • Sandra Sully
  • Gorgi Coghlan
  • Patrick Abboud
  • James Tobin
  • Liz Cantor
  • Georgie Tunny
  • Cecilia Low
  • Larissa Behrendt
  • Zali Steggall
  • Sally Capp
  • Rose Lovelock
  • Tim Flannery
  • Silas Telford
  • Delta Kay
  • Nicky Ison
  • Annette Rypalski
  • David Pocock
  • Katerina Gaita
  • Jo Kelly
  • Jai Allan Wright
  • Ella Simons
  • Doug Humann
  • Dominique Hes
  • Kerri Major
  • Mike McCosker
  • Bronwyn Green
  • Sallie Jones
  • Wendy Farmer
  • Ron Ipsen
  • Dan Musil
  • Carleigh Mitchell
  • Michael Gosden
  • Christopher Anson
  • Mia Anson
  • Victor Steffensen
  • Rami Fischler
  • Ben Copeman
  • Bruce Cohen
  • Thuy Ngyuen
  • Anika Molesworth
  • Guy Ritani
  • Caoimhe McCooey
  • Jacinta Janssens


The producer acknowledges the support of:

Screen Australia through the Producer Equity Program

Financed with the assistance of

Documentary Australia Foundation

Major philanthropic funding from

Shark Island Foundation

Developed and produced in association with


Produced by

Regen Studios

Thank you to our philanthropic partners

Shark Island Foundation, The Vine Foundation, Lisa Blundell, Jacob & Tara Gold, Julia Champtaloup & Andrew Rothery.

The Producers acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which this film was produced.