Regenerating your business in 2024

1 in 3 Australians have actively boycotted a company or brand due to its poor social responsibility. Making your business more regenerative is a strong sign to your customers that you are aware and engaged with issues they care about.

Written by Sean Marshall
Read time – 3 minutes

12 regenerative actions for your business:

Forest canopy

1. Invest in a regenerative economy

Finance can be a force for good if invested wisely. Be part of the movement to use investing (and divesting) as a way to regenerate the planet.

Invest in a regenerative economy

woman speaking

2. Support women's leadership

When women are empowered it unlocks female leadership in decision-making and policy change that benefits everyone.

Support women's empowerment


3. Transition your organisation to clean energy

Power your organisation or business with renewable energy by switching to a clean energy provider, or take the next step in purchasing and installing renewable energy infrastructure for your business.

Switch to clean energy


4. Get your organisation to participate in the circular economy

Organisations have been key to our success in the past 200 years, but they are also degenerating the planet on a massive scale. To have a regenerative economy we need every organisation to act.

Participate in the circular economy

faith in nature

5. Give nature a vote at your company

Faith In Nature is the first company in the world to appoint Nature to its board of directors. They're sharing their process in the hope that one day all businesses do the same.

Give nature a vote


6. Fundraise at work to support girls education

Educating a girl not only has the potential to change her life - it also changes communities and impacts future generations.

Fundraise to support girls’ education

Marine Conservation

7. Join in a local regenerative actions with your team

What better way is there to take action then by getting outdoors and working with your team to clean up, preserve and regenerate your local areas.

Regenerate with your team


8. Switch to digital tools that contribute to regeneration

Make all your activity online count. Your time and attention is valuable, so use services that contribute profits to regenerative action.

Choose digital tools that are regenerative


9. Measure and reduce your carbon emissions

Developing a carbon emission measurement and reduction strategy is an essential step in understanding your carbon footprint and improving your business operations and practices.

Measure and reduce your footprint

lady in plantation

10. Start onsetting

Onsets are a verifiable commitment to removing more carbon dioxide than an individual or entity generates and can be one step in your business becoming more regenerative.

Start onsetting

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11. Support First Nations justice and self-determination

Support First Nations justice and self-determination by buying from First Nations led businesses and supporting campaigns and organisations.

Support First Nations led businesses

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12. Learn about localisation

Globalisation has had many unintended consequences. It's important for all of us to understand why stronger local economies are critical to our regenerative future.

Learn about localisation

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